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What is the main idea of this site?

Our main idea is to show you and especially to give you an experience
with making money online

Can i earn money too?

Of course you can.

What exactly do i have to do?

What to do?- You have to click some ads in some Sites.
The idea is very simple.

What are the requirements?

I would say that you only need desire and some
time in front of the PC (Personal Computer).

How much can I earn with this business online?

Look at this: This is something relatively. During the first month, when I
started this business, i earn an insignificant amount of money- $75.00,
and that's really insignificant. Now, when i have the possibility to be
much time in front of the computer (2 hours per day) i earn over $750.00,
and if that's nothing...

Is all this free of charge?

Of course, all that is free- absolutely free. Sites offers members more money
if they buy premium account (You have to pay- and you will get more money)-
like a deposit in the bank.

Can i lose something

No, but you can win much.

What if I have another Question?

To contact me use:
Skype: patco444
Email: pldianov91@abv.bg

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